The metamorphosis game


An interactive street show


60 minutes


All audiences

In a large game board on the ground, the audience can choose the stories, drawings and music that are going to unfold until they create a multiple choreography with all the elements.

The board is made up of large squares with drawn figures. Each person in the audience receives a card. Through the game with the cards and the stories that emerge, the different Metamorphoses unfold on the board. Each Metamorphosis is accompanied by a sound environment that, at the public’s proposal, the artist Lucía Chamorro instantly improvises. With all the elements: the stories, the music and the movements, a multiple choreography is created to which the public is invited to participate.

This interactive street show idevelops the concept of Metamorphosis through different angles. From a scenic and multidisciplinary perspective, the public participates experiencing their transformation and that of multiple beings in multiple lives through a collective and public choreography. From a philosophical point of view, he questions the superiority of the human being on the evolutionary scale and proposes the idea that each being is a “recycled” organism, but also a new one, each being is built and destroyed continuously from a global and unique way of life (Emanuele Coccia). On the other hand, to illustrate the concept, some of the fantastic and wonderful stories that Ovid bequeathed to us in his work “The Metamorphoses”.


Game conducters :Ainhoa Pineda y Joana Ocaña

Paintings: Marta Beltrán

Music: Lucía Chamorro

Costumes: Sinpatron

Coreography: Eguzki Zubia

Text: Elena Bezanilla a partir de las Metamorfosis de Emanuele Coccia y Ovidio

Philosophy: Jose Romero

Fotography: Jose Antonio Gutiérrez “Guti”

Video: Vanesa Baños, Lucía Chamorro

Coordination: Elena Bezanilla

Distribution: Rue2

Production: PANTZART






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