The Company

In Basque Culture, Pantzart is the name of a Carnival Character. The carnivalesque comic culture and the popular laughing is a constant source of inspiration for their work.

the beginning

Pantzart company has a long experience in family and object theater. His works are always fresh, fun and artistically remarkable. His stage language, predominantly visual and always musical, is unlike any other. It is the product of the original personality and skills of its performers and the excellence of its creators.

Since its creation in 2012, PANTZART has produced 10 shows, mostly based on texts by Basque authors, with innovative dramaturgies, for the theater and the street.

PANTZART has also performed more than 400 performances and has demonstrated great ability to develop his own language characterized by the use of different performing disciplines and mixed techniques treated with the same level of relevance: objects, two- and three-dimensional puppets, acting, songs, poetry, projections, aromatic plants, bubbles…etc.

Another characteristic of ther work is always the subsequent meeting with the audience so that the performance generates an experience and meeting between the work and the public. So, for example, the Little House of Colors can be visited at the end, or after Amilami feel (and take away) aromatic plants or in Boli bili boli, draw the poems in a hand program. In the latest production “The Game of Metamorphoses” (2023) the interaction occurs through play and dance.

Each of Pantzart’s works, mostly for family audiences, presents a different theme and responds to a creative process that is organic and original.

PANTZART is part of the UNIMA association

The Team

Pantzart Company members are: Elena Bezanilla (Producer and Director), Santiago Ortega (Scenographer and Actor), Ainhoa Pineda (Actress), Juan Kruz Igerabide (Writer)  and Arantza Flores (Lighting designer). All of them with long careers and prizes. Juan Kruz Igerabide has received prestigious prizes: Childrens and youngsters Literature National prize, Baporea (1997, 2006), Euskadi (1999) and Kritika prize (1997 and 2003) Santiago Ortega who collaborates in this project as an assistant, actor, puppetier, etc. has got the prize: “Premio café Bilbao” on theatre texts 2010, “Umore Azoka2009” as an actor, and the “Max National Award 2008” as a writer in Basque Language for the children´s play “Cabaret Infantil”. Ainhoa Pineda got the MAX National Award 2007, 2008 and 2010 with Agerre Theatre Company. PANTZART Artistic director, Elena Bezanilla, has a long career as a theatre director, producer, educator and performer in Spanish and International projects. She has worked with companies like Bread and Puppet (USA), Dream Community (Taiwan), Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design (Londres, Sevilla), Endanza Teatre (Seville), CAT, (Andalusian Theatre Centre, Seville), Loraldia (Bilbao)La Nave del Pasaje (Seville), Agerre Teatro (San Sebastian), Trikipunk (San Sebastian)


Santiago Ortega


Ainhoa Pineda


Arantza Flores


Jose Antonio Gutiérrez "Guti"


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