The color little house



Musical and object theatre


45 minutes


2 – 6 years

A little house is built with poems, puppets, windows, songs, moons, snails, and even a big hippopotamus. In the end, that coloured little house can be visited

Musical and object theater inspired by the visual work of the Czech illustrator Květa Pacovská, known as “the magician of color”.

The little colored house is a scenic piece for children from 2 to 6 years with the theme of colors while unfolding in a house-sculpture accompanied by sounds and songs. In the end, boys and girls can enter the house built to see, touch, play and make what they have experienced their own.

Květa Pacovská creates author’s books, that is, she does not illustrate them but composes them and turns them into artistic objects. In our case, to create that little house of color, cutouts, silhouettes, windows, flaps and color wheels are used. flowers, snails, frogs, elephants and letters appear. Two performers manage to make the stage evolve with their displays of objects and puppets, so that textures, shapes, sounds, short stories and songs are shown.

The performance piece is intended to be good and beautiful in the sense of the idea and in the sense of form, like a paper object. Paraphrasing Květa Pacovská, we aspire to be modern, brave and risky and for the piece to become a great experience for young audiences.



Performers: Ainhoa Pineda, Santiago Ortega

Puppetry master: Santiago Ortega

Texts: Juan Kruz Igerabide

Music: David Larrinaga

Costumes: Ana D.

Lighting: Arantza Flores

Photography: Jose Antonio Gutiérrez “Guti”

Dramaturgy and direction: Elena Bezanilla Distribution: Silvia Cano

Production: PANTZART, with permanent residence  in KunArte (Vitoria-Gasteiz) and scenic residences in TOPIC (Tolosa) and Teatro Barakaldo.




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