The Initial idea of producing this story came up at the beginning of 2014 between Pantzart Theater Company and Bihar Puppet Group. The story was very moving and one of the most translated authors in Basque language wrote it: Mariasun Landa. Therefore, the production was set as a small-medium size puppet show from 5 to 9 year old children and families. The performance premiered in Tolosa´s International Puppet Festival in November 2014.

The story of a friendship between a "very special girl" and a little ghost
A puppet play that tells the story of the friendship between a "very special girl" and a little ghost.

Karmenchu lives with her aunt Edurne and doesn´t talk to anybody apart from her toys. When Txan, the little ghost, appears in her bedroom, they become friends and her life totally changes. They play together, enjoy themselves and make a trip until they arrive to a village´s fair. There, they have lots of fun in Harlequin’s puppet show, Chinkache the magician, or the Carousel. However, their friendsip is challenged when the doctor wants to lock Karmenchu in the House of the Weird People. What can Txan, poor little ghost!, do without his friend?
Through this story, subjects like loneliness, the lack of care or the imaginary friend are set out. Also the possibility of integrating the "special children".

Performers: Ainhoa Etxebarria & Santiago Ortega
Author: Mariasun Landa
Lighting design: Arantza Flores
Photography: Jose Romero, Celes Ruiz, Aitor Etxebarria
Video: Cesar Pedrosa, Jose Romero
Direction: Elena Bezanilla
Production: Pantzart, Bihar Taldea
Distribution: Pantzart, BiharTaldea, Rue2
Comunication: Elena Bezanilla
Mariasun Landa´s