Enchanted words

Object and Puppet Theatre


50 minutes


4-9 years




“Hitzak txorabiatzen / Enchanted Words” is a version of the play Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. 

In this play of humor, Alizia, the main character, is immersed in an imaginary journey through a game of chess on a large board. 

On stage, a mirror. Alizia and her cat cross the threshold and find a world that works under another logic, which is that of dreams. Incredible things will happen to Alizia, the world will turn into a great chess board, the Red Queen and the Blue Queen, the knights, Humpty Dumpty, the giant egg, the loving fawn, a unicorn and many others will move through it. The figures will guide her until the end of the game, in which Alizia, turned queen, will celebrate a great banquet.


Performers: Ainhoa Pineda, Santiago Ortega, Amaia Arkotxa

Author: Lewis Carroll

Translation: Manu López Gaseni

Egokitzapena: Juan Kruz Igerabide

Music: David Larrinaga

Painting and Design: Santiago Ortega

Costumes: Nati Ortiz de Zarate

Lighting: Arantza Flores

Photoghraphy: Jose Antonio Gutiérrez “Guti”

Dramaturgy and Directing: Elena Bezanilla

Distribution: Rue2

Producer: PANTZART


Tfn: +34 699340894 · pantzart@gmail.com

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