Enchanted words

(Hitzak Txorabiatzen)

Object and Puppet Theatre


50 minutes


4-9 years
“Enchanted words” is a version of the “Alice through the looking glass” by Lewis Carroll,

In this play for children from the age of 4, Alizia, the protagonist, finds herself immersed in an imaginary journey on a large chessboard.

When Alizia and her cat cross the threshold of the mirror, they find a world that works under another logic, which is that of dreams. Incredible things will happen to Alizia. On the board, the loving fawn, a unicorn traveling by train, Humpty Dumpty, the giant egg, the knights, the Red Queen, the Blue Queen and many other characters will move. All of them will lead you to the end of the game, in which Alizia, turned queen, will participate in a crazy banquet…

“Hitzak Txorabiatzen / Enchanted Words” is a predominantly visual piece with actors, puppets, projections and songs. The interpretive quality of the performers, the brilliance of the musical space created by David Larrinaga and the stage design stand out.


Performers: Ainhoa Pineda, Santiago Ortega, Amaia Arkotxa

Author: Lewis Carroll

Dramaturgy and Direction: Elena Bezanilla

Music: David Larrinaga

Costumes: Arelí, Creative Designer

Lighting: Arantza Flores

Video: Imanol Molina

Photography: Jose Antonio Gutiérrez “Guti”

Distribution: Rue2

Production: PANTZART

Thanks: TOPIC (Tolosa)


Tfn: +34 699340894 · pantzart@gmail.com

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