Childrens Puppet Show


1 Hour


0-3 years
COLOURS COLOURS is a show-sculpture for children from 2 to 6 year old. It is inspired by Květa Pacovska´s visual work. A coloured house is constructed with cutouts, shadows, windows, wings and coloured wheels. Apart from that a snails a frogs a hypopotamous and letters appear. An actor and an actress change the stage by using colours, objects, characters, songs, groups of things and mixtures. Therefore, apart from creating a show on colours, forms and textures are showed. At the end kids can come into the sculpture-house to touch, feel and play with what they have watched in advance.
Colours Colours was premiered in KUNARTE (Vitoria-Gasteiz) in 2016, November the 6th


Intérpretes: Ainhoa Pineda, Santiago Ortega
Maestro Titiritero: Santiago Ortega
Textos: Juan Kruz Igerabide
Música: David Larrinaga
Vestuario: Ana D.
Iluminación: Arantza Flores
Fotografía: Jose Antonio Gutiérrez “Guti”
Dramaturgia Y Dirección: Elena Bezanilla
Distribución: Silvia Cano
Producción: Pantzart, con Residencia Permanente en Kunarte (Vitoria-Gasteiz), TOPIC (Tolosa)



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