Based upon Juan Kruz IgerabideĀ“s novel: Amilami; it tells the stories of mermaids in basque traditional legends. The contahistoria alternates with the smelling of herbs and the singing of traditional lullabies interpreted with various instruments.
In its last version, a new musician called Lamine Diawara, from Senegal sings also songs and plays African percussion and pumpkins. At the end of the storytelling, the kids enjoy taking home aromatic leafs and playing a wide range of musical instruments.
A musical contahistoria,
3 -9 year old and families
1 hour long
De nanas, yerbas y cuenta cantos!
Lullabies, herbs and storytelling
Storyteller: Ainhoa Pineda
Musitians: Elena Bezanilla, Lamine Diawara
Author: Juan Kruz Igerabide
Design, dramaturgy, and direction: Elena Bezanilla
Lighting design: Arantza Flores
Photography and video: Jose Romero
Production: PANTZART
Distribution: Rue2
It can be performed in schools, libraries and theatres